How can a flower be presented with respect?

By understanding its character and seeking to give it a natural effect through floral artisanship. With the necessary expressive scope, creativity, and an instinctive feeling for the individuality of each flower. Floral displays skilfully arranged to great effect. Without kitsch and without affectation.

Why only seasonal and regional wherever possible?

Because long distances are not good for plants, humans, or the planet. With respect to many working conditions and environmental factors, the negative impact is both global and local. We therefore work with as many fair products as possible and attach great importance to having a close relationship with our horticulturalists and especially to sustainable cultivation.

What applies to our flowers, applies equally to our business. Sustainability and climate neutrality are top priorities for our shop.

This conviction is also shared by our resourceful staff, to whom we devote particular attention when it comes to recruitment and training. We only employ specialist staff and have been training apprentices on a regular basis since the shop was founded. For the packing and wrapping of our flowers, our focus lies on consumables and packaging materials that are produced from the most environmentally friendly materials possible.

In order for the tradition of floral artisanship to live on, the necessary knowledge and skill has to be passed on.

Investing in the next generation: our capital ©Gerhard Flekatsch
Bringing out the character of each flower ©Gerhard Flekatsch
Devoted to artisanship ©Gerhard Flekatsch

KR Ing. Lorenz Pridt

has extensive specialist training in horticulture, was successfully active as a teacher and consultant, and for more than a decade designed the floral arrangements for the New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic, which he still assists today in an advisory capacity. Many prominent public figures are among his customers, including several presidents of Austria and mayors of the city of Vienna. He has been working as a florist with the International Horticultural Fair in Tulln for over 25 years.

Lorenz Pridt, florist ©Alexander Müller
Floral decoration at the edge of the stage, New Year’s Concert 2015 ©Gerd/Lorenz Pridt
Flower-bedecked organ, New Year’s Concert 2015 ©Gerd/Lorenz Pridt
Flower arrangements for the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concert, Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein, 2011 ©Gerd/Lorenz Pridt

Our shop, a place with history.

The house in which our premises is located already used to be a flower shop. We moved here from our previous location opposite the current building and devoted our initial energies to undoing the architectural misdeeds of past decades, which led to the Gründerzeit façade regaining its beautiful character. During the process of remodelling, we set great store on ecological building materials and energy efficiency. Now our shop harmonizes visually with its surrounding environment and offers visitors the character of an orangery, with an ambience typical for the Josefstadt district of Vienna.